venerdì 12 agosto 2011

A Simple Case of Better Design

 It used to be the slogan of KATA, Israeli company (of Jerusalem), a world leading producer of bags and covers for professional photography and video.
I lived indirectly the birth and development of Kata as one of the founders was Nitzan Kimchi, that I met in Milan in the early 80's, when he worked in the production of wonderful animated plasticine stop-motion animations. Back to Jerusalem Nitzan, who also had a passion for design, founded Kata-bags with Dror Tischler up to take it to be one of the professional bags industry world leaders. Two years ago Kata was acquired by a financial corporation, but just before Nitzan asked me to create an image campaign for the new line of professional bags.
During the meetings it was clear that the mood they they wanted was the kind of 80s Sci-Fi (including Star Wars and Blade Runner), so I imagined some kind of translucent aliens that have become the 's Avatar symbol of the campaign (who has been at trade fairs such as the NAB of Las Vegas has certainly seen them).

I enjoyed very much working with them.
We also had wonderful moments of nice music thanks to Rali, wife of Nitzan and cellist and composer. For those who want to hear something beautiful and different...

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