venerdì 19 agosto 2011

Moving from paper to web...

I just finished a revision of an old Comic Story I made, as part of a series of works I'm going to publish online (eBooks, iOS, Android etc,).

See this image on DeviantArt
 In 1995 I was invited to an international exhibition organized in the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in Milan, by the same group of people who later realized the Museum of Comics of Milan, in particular Alberto Ronchi.
The show's title was "The future world, the future of the world", each designer had to develop a theme in a few pages, my theme was "City of Tomorrow."
It was not easy to have a city as the protagonist, so I imagined a story vaguely "noir" in the style of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, with a detective who, instead of walking through the city destroying his shoes on sidewalks, uses all electronic instruments, movement records of credit card, video surveillance, etc.. to search for a missing person, with a surprise ending ... something between Blade Runner and The Big Sleep.
It was almost science fiction, then, it's reality now!
In 2001 I revised the story that was reprinted and, curiously, has become part of the bibliography of a course at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, very unusual for a comic book.

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