martedì 14 giugno 2011

A Love Supreme

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The bass sound for a jazz lover, it's like blood, the beating heart of music.
Aesthetically, his huge polished wooden body that reflects the lights on stage, the sinuosity of its forms has always fascinated me, togheter with its deep, full sound.
"Always listen to the bass" is the only advice saxophonist Dale Turner (Dexter Gordon) gives to the singer (Lonette McKee in a role that reminds the great Billie Holiday), in 'Round Midnight, the 1986 movie on the life of the great generation of jazz musicians of the 40's-50's by french director Bertrand Tavernier, inspired by the real story of Francis Paudras.
This 100x100 cm painting was part of the exhibition Jazz Rainbow in 2010, side-event on the 50th anniversary of the oldest jazz festivals in Europe,  the Antibes-Juan les Pins Jazz Festival "Jazz à Juan".
In my mind, this image recalls the first bars of the suite A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, a well known piece for all Jazz lovers.

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