lunedì 6 giugno 2011


The Bay - cm 175 x 71 - Image could be seen on DeviantArt
Many years ago I found myself for some time in Calabria, deep southern Italy.
One place that struck me most was an ghost industrial area with a huge harbour, half-finished and abandoned. Around there was only nature, the sea front, the sun and the huge flows of useless concrete seemed to me a kind of symbol of human folly, sad but also fascinating and strange.
I often found myself in a place like that in my dreams, and in this painting there is a lot of this experience: an industrial landscape on the shores of the sea, where a few figures move as if on a big stage.... I tried to evocate the exact colors of the dream, little realistic and acids, and the atmosphere of waiting for something, similar to the story of "Desert of the Tartars" by Dino Buzzati.
This is one of my first full digital made paintings​, and has been used as a test for Fine Art Printing by Studio Carraro in Milan, when this technique began to be codified and regulated in the early 2000s: Rino Carraro is a photographer, friend of mine, who had been from the early nineties one of the pioneers of printing Digital Fine Art in Italy.

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