mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Black Blue and Yellow...

The crime fiction in Italy has always been called "yellow" instead of "black", because the first series of detective novels, that started in 1929 to be published by Mondadori, had a stylish yellow cover, that never changed until today.
See this image on DeviantArt
This is the artwork for a sort of a detective novel set in Milan, a "yellow" with black veins but also "blue"... I realized only the background for now, then there will be one or more human figures acting, but I liked to extrapolate, with its yellow, black and blues, a view of one of the most typical streets of downtown Milan, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, on a cold rainy night.
Milan for me has always been a perfect theatre to crime fiction: the financial center of Italy, and the center of all the business more or less shady, has given rise to sensational news stories and a rich literature of the genre: we all remember the great Giorgio Scerbanenco, who wrote the famous "The Milanese do kill on Saturday", in 1969 (because they work on the other days) as well as many films including Milan Calibro 9 (also from a Scerbanenco novel), a B-Movie of 1971 beloved by Quentin Tarantino; by the way, the famous soundtrack of the italian movie is by Luis Enríquez Bacalov, who appears 32 years later on Kill Bill 1&2 Soundtrack.
The "Yellow" Mondadori Books had then for decades their covers illustrated by great illustrators, as Ferenc Pinter and Jacono, and this image is a sort of hommage to this great tradition.
This book is going to be distributed october 2011, so I have time for the final version, I'll go back to this again...

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