mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

I remember Wes

Music has always held an important place in my life, and for a time also played a central role when I was playing in Clubs or private parties with a jazz band: Jazz music has always accompanied my life since I discovered it. I have always found that the creative process that characterizes it was similar to that of painting, illustration and comics.
Image on DeviantArt
This watercolor I made ​​in '97 or '98 is inspired by the cover of an album that I loved so much, an LP of the great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery, playing with his brothers.
On that album's cover there was only a full size photo of Wes in this position, with a cigarette between his fingers and his eyes looking forward: I have always loved that image so much, expressing a quiet strength and a dark and nightly atmosphere. Then the disc went lost somewhere, I searched in vain for it for a long time, and then I decided to remake the image by memory, in my own way and with a very "blue" color, monochrome.

Among others, appeared on the disk the song "Snowfall" by composer Claude Thornhill, which was basically an impressionist painting.
Of this piece exists also an excellent version of the great New York guitarist Emily Remler, who died prematurely in 1990, on the album "East to Wes".

The watercolor is called of course "I Remember Wes", which is also a quotation of a song dedicated to Wes from one of his greatest successors, George Benson, on the album "Take Five"; Another great Benson's tribute for Wes is his version of "We All Remember Wes", by Stevie Wonder, from the album "Weekend in LA" (1977). Both pieces are very musical and enjoyable.

I think I'm going back to this subject again, I had been playing Jazz guitar for such a long time, and I never had many occasions of painting jazz guitarists.

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