sabato 25 giugno 2011

Acid Tango (lost in Buenos Aires)

This image is for me intimately tied to what I consider one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Buenos Aires. The image of a couple dressed in a slightly 'retro and anachronistic style in the nocturnal acid lights of a metropolis, it's for me the synthesis of modernity and nostalgia this city represents; I see a little Borges and Goyeneche in it, and of course Bajofondo, Piazzolla and Osvaldo Soriano ..
Maybe also the photography of the movie "Happy Togheter", by one of my favourite filmakers, Wong-Kar-Way, mixed with the warm light and beautiful people of the documentary "Café de los Maestros", about all the old schoolmasters of Tango composition.
See this image on DeviantArt
This image was intended to be the beginning of a history of tango, but I never finished it, a perfect end in some way since it was about nostalgia and lost things .....

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